Squishy Sensory Squeeze Toys for Kids

Remember those rubber squishy tube toys from the 90s? They always seemed to jump straight out of our hands!
Now you can give these same squishy tubes and other similar squeeze toys big and small to your kids for the same endless entertainment that we had. These soft rubber toys aren’t just great for the games and the giggles—squeezing and squishing them can also help relieve sensory issues, stress, and nervous fidgeting.

No matter what your kiddos are interested in, these squishy sensory toys are a tactile good time, a multi-faceted win for parents and caregivers, and a must-have in any play bin.

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Banana Beadeez




Beadeez Jumbo Blue


Beadeez Jumbo Colorful


Beadeez Jumbo Red


Beadeez On Tap


Beadeez Spiky


Christmas Beadeez


DNA Ball Jumbo


DNA Ball Single


DNA Stress Ball by YoYa Toys


DNA Wildlife Panda


DNA Wildlife Penguin


Farm Beadeez


Fruit Beadeez

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