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I thought that was great. She was having a stressor going on and ...

I have an 8 year old granddaughter that needs an outlet at times. I ordered these hoping it would help her. When she got them she asked if she could keep on here, take one home and take on to school. I thought that was great. She was having a stressor going on and she immediately grabbed one of the balls and kept squeezing and pulling it. After about 5 minutes she said she felt better. I am so thankful I got these for her and she is using them. Very pleased with this purchase.

Pull, Stretch & Squeeze Stress Balls
Excellent quality, and safety for kids

Very cute product for kids! 2 models, excellent quality, and safety for kids.

Handheld Water Game
Bright colors, non electronic, makes for great times

These scoop balls by Yoya toys are great. Anything that takes my grandchildren away from electronics in my books is good. this however promotes hand eye coordination and it is quiet except for the peels of laughter. I do so enjoy hearing laughter. Tossing them under hand is great for the young ones and the older ones get to be pretty smart and full of energy and turn it around and do it the other way, so i guess over hand. Wow, it really flies far then and they really have to put effort into catching it. Makes for excellent exercise for them.

Your gonna love this product!

This stress relief squishy cake is a great way to relax some of your stress or anxiety. It is a soothing and relaxing feeling.
I'm sure you will love it and will find it as a great product.

Great for all ages

Great item for everyone. My kids love them and play with them all the time. They are tough and take a lot. They are great for adults also!! I love that it comes in a 3 pack. No one is fighting over just 1! Long car rides, long waits, take these. They are perfect!!!

DNA stress balls
These DNA stress balls are really colorful and fun! They look inviting on my desk at work

These DNA stress balls are really colorful and fun! They look inviting on my desk at work but also help bring me sanity in my high stress job! When there are kids in the office they always grab them straight away and seem to enjoy them as well. Definitely worth it!

DNA stress balls
Kayla TruittCustomer
My kids love it! They come on three colors and then ...

My kids love it! They come on three colors and then seem as though they change colors while in use which my kids love! As an OT we know how useful these could be for our students. I like the size of them, they are great for little hands as well as adult hands!

Squishy Mesh Stress Balls
These Are Very Fun!

These are so fun! I bought a set like these before and once we wore those out, we wanted more. I love the way these squish. Kind of mesmerizing. One of the outer netting broke on one and even still these are fun to play with and squish! My Son has Autism and my Daughter has PDD. They love them too! They kept fighting over the red one though. Something about the liquid inside looking super cool when squished. Would definitely purchase these again!

Squishy Mesh Stress Balls
5 Stars

These Squishy Mesh Balls are great for children and for adults, my 3 year old grandson will sit down and play with these mesh balls for hours they seem to have a calming effect on him as they do on me! Great for car rides they will keep the kids occupied so that you can drive in peace...

Squishy Mesh Stress Balls
Kay CassellCustomer
I loved playing this catch and toss game as a child

I loved playing this catch and toss game as a child. Today I am just as excited, but this time to be able to give it to my kids to play. This game is a great beginner catch game because it teaches them the root concepts of catching without having to fight with a clumsy baseball glove at the same time. I loved that this game can with two different sized balls. One about the size of a tennis ball and one the size of a ping pong ball. The balls are great quality and seem like they will last a long time. The catchers are also good quality. The back and outside ring are made of hard plastic. The velcro part is very vibrant in color and fun! On the back is the adjustable velcro strap making it easy to switch between different sizes of children or even adults who want in on the game. Overall this game is a blast and a quality buy!

Toss & Catch 3000
Mandy RossCustomer
The kids love to play outdoors when it's pretty

The kids love to play outdoors when it's pretty and this neat set of Toss and Catch Ball Paddles are fun to play. The older kids like them just as much as the younger ones. The set includes 2 paddles and 2 balls(1 smaller and one the size of a tennis ball). Made from highly resilient materials,durable Velcro circular mitt pads. It's size 8.07 inches (20 cm) is larger than all the others in the market made from highly resilient materials. Would make a great game to, take on a picnic or to the beach.
I have received this item to test & review for FREE in exchange for my honest & unbiased opinion!

Toss & Catch 3000
Missy SandsCustomer
This is a fun toy for anyone and any age

This is a fun game for anyone of all ages. The kids in my neighborhood are still having a blast with it. It keeps them active but now they just need to learn to take turns. Its so easy to store just put it back in the bag and your good to go. You can use it for any outdoor occasion for kids and adults and I guarantee everyone will have fun. It can also be used for gift giving for any child.

Toss & Catch 3000
Kelley AlvaradoCustomer

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