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    YoYa Toys Toss & Catch 3000
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    Squishy Jumbo Strawberry

The YoYa Toys Company makes fun products for people who appreciate nostalgia and excellence. We are proud to introduce toys we all grew up with to a new generation of children. The same classic ideas, with superior materials and higher manufacturing quality than ever before. Timeless classics your kids are sure to love, just like you did back in the day

What our Happy Clients Say

I thought that was great. She was having a stressor going on and ...

I have an 8 year old granddaughter that needs an outlet at times. I ordered these hoping it would help her. When she got them she asked if she could keep on here, take one home and take on to school. I thought that was great. She was having a stressor going on and she immediately grabbed one of the balls and kept squeezing and pulling it. After about 5 minutes she said she felt better. I am so thankful I got these for her and she is using them. Very pleased with this purchase.

Pull, Stretch & Squeeze Stress Balls
Excellent quality, and safety for kids

Very cute product for kids! 2 models, excellent quality, and safety for kids.

Handheld Water Game
Bright colors, non electronic, makes for great times

These scoop balls by Yoya toys are great. Anything that takes my grandchildren away from electronics in my books is good. this however promotes hand eye coordination and it is quiet except for the peels of laughter. I do so enjoy hearing laughter. Tossing them under hand is great for the young ones and the older ones get to be pretty smart and full of energy and turn it around and do it the other way, so i guess over hand. Wow, it really flies far then and they really have to put effort into catching it. Makes for excellent exercise for them.