Liquid Motion Bubblers

Playtime doesn’t always have to be an exciting adventure. Sometimes playtime can be a softer, relaxing
experience. Kids need uptime as well as downtime depending on their mood when the time for toys
comes around. Give them the variety they need with YoYa Toys’ selection of liquid motion bubbler for sensory play!
Watching these water motion toys provide players big and small with a sense of wonder and tranquility
for hours on end. Stock your little ones’ play bins with these liquid motion toys or put them on your own desk for a quick
break from stress or strain.

Check out our selection of liquid motion bubbler toys below! You can also sort these water motion toys
by price, best-selling, popularity and more.

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Liquimo Duple Wheel


Liquimo Duple Wheel Single


Liquimo Motion Bubbler


Liquimo Penguin


Liquimo Spiral


Liquimo Spiral Single


Liquimo To Go Bubbler Keychains


Liquimo Zig Zag Single


Liquimo Zigzag




Liquipen Mini Globes


Motion Bubbler

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