YoYa Toys Toss and Catch 3000

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The Finest Ball Catching Game For Happy Kids & Relaxed Parents Has Just Been Released!

Are you looking for an enjoyable game to spice things up this summer? Do you love sports and anything that involves throwing and grabbing a ball? Are you kids crazy about ball catching games?If the answer to those questions is yes, then you should keep on reading. We have designed the ultimate ball catching game that will offer you endless hours of ball throwing and catching.

The Most Durable Disc For Great Catching Performances

How many times did you try to catch the tennis ball but the fastener was so poorly made that having a ball stuck on your disc seemed like impossible?Do not despair. We have constructed both ball catcher mitt discs to bear durable touch fastener surfaces to so as to secure the ball to its place. Let the ball gaming begin!

Two Balls For More Toss & Catch Games Everywhere You Go

Try now this challenging game and improve your hand and eye coordination. Help your children develop fine motor skills from a young age!Take it along at the next picnic in the woods or beach excursion. Ideal for backyard games, birthday parties and fun at the park.

Both balls and the pad discs are made from highly resilient materials that won’t fade away in time or lose their properties. More balls, more fun for you and your beloved ones.his set that comes in a great carry bag and makes a great party gift idea.What are you waiting for? Get your Toss & Catch 3000 today and let’s get going.

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5 reviews for YoYa Toys Toss and Catch 3000

  1. Cassy

    I purchased this to help with my toddler’s hand-eye coordination. It works well – we just have to keep our dog away from the tennis balls. They’ve held up well (bought at Christmas time). The velcro is a little strong for my son to pull off on his own but I don’t see that as an issue as this toy is generally meant for older children.

  2. Tony

    here are a lot of substitutes out there but I went with these because of the good reviews. Used with two adults and sometimes with kids at the beach. They strap on easy and tight, they are sturdy and the balls stick really well. A lot of the other reviews for cheaper ones say they fall apart but these can snap apart if you want which means if for some reason it was to break you can put it back together easy. You could also snap them apart when you first get them and throw some glue around the edges to be absolutely sure. Carry case is great as well as the two different balls sizes. I’ve actually used these multiple times and can vouch that they work great.

  3. Debby Lopez

    My kids love it! I think the case is very convenient for storage. The balls are very hard and my youngest one got hit in the face by accident. Even if and adult gets hit is going to hurt very bad. Also if you play inside it can break something very easily. I wish the balls were not that hard. Overall is a good toy and kids get entertained for a while.

  4. Kimmy815

    Such a fun and easy toy for my kids. I got it for camping to give them something to do when it is quiet time. Both of my older kids enjoy it and it teaches my son hand eye coordination for catching. My 1 year old even can play it. I love that it came with two different size balls to make it even harder. Well made and not falling apart yet for how many times they have caught and pulled the ball off of the Velcro. In all an easy and fun game for anyone to play.

  5. BJS07

    I purchased the toss and catch for our camping trip this last weekend. The kids played with them for hours and when they were done, the adults started playing with them. The balls stick really well to the Velcro and I think it adds more skill when you use the different sized balls. Colors are nice and bright and easy to see when it is getting darker out.

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