Squishy Mesh Stress Balls

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Finally, The Most Indestructible Stress Relief Set Of Sensory Stimulation Balls Has Just Been Released!

Do you need an effective and fun way to reduce daily stress in a whole natural way? Does your kid lose focus all the time and you need to find stimulating mechanisms to improve his/her attention? Are you sick and tired of easily torn apart mesh balls?If the answer to those questions is yes, then you should keep on reading because we have the finest and most durable squishy mesh ball proposal for you!

Squeeze It, Pull It, Stretch It, Feel It All Day Long

No more worries about poorly made squishy mesh balls from this day on. You can now cherish endless moments of squeezing and bouncing with these strong rubber balls.You can squeeze them, stretch them, pull them and bounce them all you want, without worrying about their form and state. Adults love them and kids as well.

Vent Your Feelings Through These Stress Relief Balls

Do you have a deadline at work that has been making you feel nervous? Are you angry with something that happened at home? Do you need to improve your blood circulation right away?These stress balls are designed for versatile uses whether you are suffering from anxiety or simply looking for a new fidget toy!They will help you boost blood circulation and even treat carpal-tunnel syndrome. Ideal as tools of meditation and for physical therapy as well.By squeezing a ball for a few minutes every day you will successfully decrease stress and tension and you will improve the quality of your life to the fullest, promote better sleep and achieve a feeling of well-being.What are you waiting for? Get yours today and one as a gift to a dear friend or a beloved family member!

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5 reviews for Squishy Mesh Stress Balls

  1. Beth

    My kids love it! They come on three colors and then seem as though they change colors while in use which my kids love! As an OT we know how useful these could be for our students. I like the size of them, they are great for little hands as well as adult hands!

  2. Kay Cassell

    These Squishy Mesh Balls are great for children and for adults, my 3 year old grandson will sit down and play with these mesh balls for hours they seem to have a calming effect on him as they do on me! Great for car rides they will keep the kids occupied so that you can drive in peace…

  3. Shieldmaiden Mist

    These are so fun! I bought a set like these before and once we wore those out, we wanted more. I love the way these squish. Kind of mesmerizing. One of the outer netting broke on one and even still these are fun to play with and squish! My Son has Autism and my Daughter has PDD. They love them too! They kept fighting over the red one though. Something about the liquid inside looking super cool when squished. Would definitely purchase these again!

  4. Mom of 4

    These squishy balls come in a pack of 3. They’re covered in a mesh netting and the balls in our pack were Blue, Red and Green. My 3 youngest kids ages 3, 9 and 10 have been having a lot of fun with them! They like the weird sound it makes when you squish them and let go! The only complaint I have about them is that the netting falls off very easily. A huge plus for me is that when they fall on the ground and get dirty you can just rinse them off. My kids are really enjoying them and I like that they keep them quiet for a few minutes!

  5. skmomx2

    Great value. I ordered these for my sons birthday. He and his friends have been playing with one of the three balls pretty constantly for about 15 days and the rubber squishy part is definitely a bit stretched out and dirty but it’s still going strong. 15 days doesn’t sound like too much but when it comes to these squish type toys it’s a lifetime. He had an egg one and a chicken one for Easter and they each didn’t last more than 2 days. The best feature is the mesh cover which is a soft fabric that you can tighten up if needed to better contain the ball. I just ordered two more packs as party favors as all his friends borrow his.

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