Pull, Stretch & Squeeze Balls

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  •  Premium pull & stretch ball set
  • Durable construction sensory squeeze ball toy
  • Excellent craftsmanship bouncing exercise balls
  • Multipurpose stress relief ball set
  • Stimulate fine motor skills with these ball
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Wait No More Cause The Most Invaluable Set Of Stretch Ball Toys Has Just Been Released!

Do you need a bouncy ball to keep your hands busy every time you feel nervous and stressed? Are you looking for effective yet fun ways to entertain your little ones and teach them about the value of sensory gaming?If the answer to those questions is yes, then you should keep on reading because we have the best bouncy and stretchy ball toy proposal for you!

Tactile Sensory Bouncy Toy Balls To The Rescue

Who could have thought that our old time favorite stretchy toy balls can be used for so many various reasons and purposes nowadays as well?Beyond being an awesome fidget toy, these squishy balls are awesome stress relievers and hand strengtheners at the same time.Suitable for kids and adults of course, they will surely ameliorate your moody days, uplift your spirit and make you feel good and confident about yourself again.Touch one elastic calming ball, squeeze it, pull it, shape it and forget the world around you! At last that peace and quiet you truly deserve!

Durable Pull & Stretch Balls For Endless Fun Experiences

Our pull and stretch ball bouncing set is made from durable and absolutely safe to use materials.The soft yet resilient cover is filled with foam putty thus allowing you to stretch it and bounce it on the floor or wall without worrying about breaking unlike other squeeze balls in the market.It makes a thoughtful gift to a dear friend that has been suffering from daily stress and anxiety!What are you waiting for? Get your colorful sensory ball set today and let the squeezing games begin!

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5 reviews for Pull, Stretch & Squeeze Balls

  1. jmbillet

    I have an 8 year old granddaughter that needs an outlet at times. I ordered these hoping it would help her. When she got them she asked if she could keep on here, take one home and take on to school. I thought that was great. She was having a stressor going on and she immediately grabbed one of the balls and kept squeezing and pulling it. After about 5 minutes she said she felt better. I am so thankful I got these for her and she is using them. Very pleased with this purchase.

  2. Berkowitz

    These stress balls are super fun and they keep my kids busy! They take these into school and think they are so squeezing and smooching them at their desk . I actually bought them so they would stay busy in the car, but my son�s teacher recommended he get something to keep him busy. The cover is strong and smooth and I haven’t had any complaints. My son’s favorite part is hitting his friends with them! – overall Good Buy

  3. Jennifer Zuna

    These pull and stretch sensory balls are perfect for my sons and myself. My oldest is high functioning autism and always has to be doing something with his hands. My youngest is ADHD and fidgets constantly. These are durable, stretchable and hold up well to a lot of use. These can be squeezed, flattened and bounced. These can be squished into different shapes for fun as well. These have helped quite a bit with my hands as well. I have arthritis and nerve damage in my hands so these help with the pain and to build some strength in my hands. These have been very useful!

  4. Crystal

    Love the flexibility of these stress balls! I struggle with stress and anxiety so I find myself constantly needing to move or distract myself. I love these stress balls because they are super easy to take with you to the office. It’s like playdoh without the mess. I really like them because they are smooth feeling and easy to stretch. These are exactly what I was looking for. Foam stress balls make me sore, but I wanted something I could manipulate. Plus these go back to their original shape, but are so malleable. I use them when I’m stressed and it works much better than a normal stress ball for me. Overall I could not be more pleased with these awesome stress balls and I would highly recommend them.

  5. scottj2k

    LOVE these balls. I am outfitting my new desk and was hoping for some cool stress balls, these are way better than I thought! The closest thing I can use to explain them is kinetic sand filling. It’s squishy and firm at the same time, they can be molded but bounce back. I have dug in with my nails, rolled all over my desk, poked, etc and they are tough! We have also used them for hackey sack (yes, my office is awesome!) and they still look and feel new. They are WAY better than what I thought I was originally getting, I was expecting plain old squishy balls. Would absolutely recommend these and will be purchasing another set/type from this seller!

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