DNA Poopy Faces By YoYa Toys - Squeezing, Anxiety Relief Ball For Kids _ AdultsDNA Poopy Faces By YoYa Toys - Squeezing, Anxiety Relief Ball For Kids _ Adults

DNA Poopy Faces

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Discover The Solution To 4 Major Problems In Your Life!

Are you finding it hard to concentrate at times?
Are you always on the go and your mind and body can’t handle it?
Are you suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel or any kind of hand, wrist and forearm injury?
Are your kids constantly bored during your summer vacation?
First of all…do NOT stress out! There is an easy solution!

Presenting The Ultimate DNA Poop Stress Balls By YoYa Toys [3-Pack]

There are many reasons why our Poop Stress-Relief Balls belong in your possession but here are the top 3:
By keeping your hands and fingers occupied, it helps you increase your focus and channel your productivity
If you can’t seem to stop biting your nails, playing with your hair, smoking cigarettes or cracking your knuckles, you absolutely need these poop balls!
They’re perfect for autistic and AHDH people or simply those seeking to soothe their stress and anxiety.

And The BEST Part?

With every purchase, you will be getting not one…not two…but THREE awesome Poop DNA balls to play with! Keep one for you and share the other two with your kids or take your poop balls with you when you’re driving or working!And hey! If you are not totally thrilled with your purchase, simply let us know within 30 days and we’ll send every penny back! But let’s not kid ourselves…there’s absolutely no reason not to love our squishy DNA toy set!

So What Are You Still Waiting For?

Scroll Up, Click ‘Add To Cart’ And Wave Your Stress & Anxiety Goodbye!

7 reviews for DNA Poopy Faces

  1. Trudy Hamilton

    A perfect gift for my great grandson! He loves these little things and I will keep one for myself to use when I get up tight!

  2. Jessica Mitchell

    Won in a amazon giveaway. Came in a small box. All the stress balls were individually wrapped in a sealed bag. The little leaf looking paper is a special code for their site. To receive a discount when used. Yes, I detected a slight chemical smell upon opening the bags. But that could be due to the packaging. It did go away after a while. Stretchy, very squeezable, and with a bit of a bounce to them as I diacovered. When my daughter decided to snatch one from me and throw it on the ground. The inside of the stress bag appears to be filled tiny bouncy looking balls. The paint or color that is one as seen in the last picture I uploaded is kinda fading or slightly coming off. After one hour of use. But other than that. This will help me manage my stress just nicely.

  3. Mary Hoover

    I loved these squishies. My 3 year old daughter’s friend had a similar one that felt more like a stress ball, and my daughter loved it. We are trying to coax her to go poop on the potty and got this as a little poop party toy. She LOVED it. We did too. They all have little brown beads inside, and it is a cool texture. The brown one looks gross. My kiddo still hasn’t pooped on the potty, but she still loves to line the toysbup and up and squeeze them.

  4. Michael W. Bromley

    Fun great gift for my 15 year old daughter
    She loves em

  5. Rich S

    My kids love them. Great quality.

  6. Brett Cargal

    I bought these stress balls as a gift. They ended up being more than just a gift, they were a conversation starter and a smile maker. Great, unique item and a really inexpensive price. A quality item that is sure to make someone in your life happy. I’d certainly buy this again!!

  7. DKelly

    These stress balls are great! The kids that I nanny loved them and they are fun to play with. They came well packaged and individually wrapped. There are three and come in three different colors.

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