Aqua Rings

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  • Keep yourself entertained
  • 2 different water games
  • Take it with you everywhere
  • Great way to relieve your stress
  • The perfect toy for all ages
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YoYa Toys Brings Back The Nostalgic Handheld Water Game

Do you remember that amazing and so fun Water Ring Game that you couldn’t stop playing as a child?You can now play it again! YoYa has created two Handheld Water Games exactly like the ones you used to have.One of them is a Fish Ring Toss Game and the other one is a Basketball Water Game. And they come together in one package!

The Handheld Water Game Is Fun For All Age Groups

From age 5 and up, there is no one who will play with the Handheld Water Game and won’t absolutely love it. It is a perfect pastime to keep you busy and entertained when traveling, queuing and taking short breaks. It is so small, lightweight and compact that you can always carry it in your bag or pocket and take it out to play whenever you want.

The Handheld Water Game Will Help You Release Your Stress

Do you feel stressful, often? Does this life-consuming feeling sometimes appear for no apparent reason? You can now fight it with the help of the Handheld Water Toy. It will help you reduce your stress in a very fun and pleasant way.Try to put those colorful Rings in the spike and the colorful balls in the basket and feel your nerves calming and your mood improving.

A Fun Handheld Game To Pass Your Time With Your Friends

This package consists of 2 Handheld Water Games that come in a beautiful gift-ready package.You can, therefore, give one of the 2 Handheld Water Toys as a gift to your friend and challenge them in battles.You can also teach this Game to your kids and nephews and show them what a wonderful childhood you had.

So Don’t Miss Out! Add The Handheld Water Game To Your Cart NOW!

5 reviews for Aqua Rings

  1. Adi weissfield

    I bought these toys to keep in the car when i drive my little brother around. Anything to get him out of my phone or his I pod. These games are small ,light weight and challanging enough to keep him interested for a good while.

  2. Sabrina & Alejandro

    Fun game to have! My baby girl love it! Always one in the car and one in the house. Also I play with it wen I’m bored. Looks pretty strong and durable so I’m happy with it!

  3. Mr. Levi

    When I was a kid we didn’t had computer or tablet. Those type of game was our top games 🙂 🙂 So I had to buy these to my kids show them in real how was it. I was very surprised with their response, they love the game and they play with it l the time. This is a great product, it comes in two set, small enough to carry anywhere.

  4. R B

    The kids really liked them, and for a while the kids were entertained without being plugged in! And it’s good that it’s a 2 pack, so they don’t need to fight over it…

  5. Eran Vaisben

    Kickin it old-school. I used to play this game for hours as a child. My daughters (5 and 7 years old) love it. They use in during our daily ride to school instead of using electronic games. Fast delivery and good price.

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